Facility Guide

Information desk Men’s Room Ladies’ Room Multipurpose Restroom Nursing room Smoking Room Sales Pay-out location ATM Reception Counter Coin-operated Lockers Vending Machine Corner Merchandise Corner Tip Sheet Sales Food Court Cafeteria Elevator Umbrella Storage Escalator Stairs All floors of the facility are non-smoking. Please smoke only in designated areas.

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1FRacing Surface / Cafeteria / Kids’ Room

2FRegular Seats / Entrance Gate / Information desk / Event Hall / Food Court

3FMarine Seats (Reserved) / Space #15

About Marugame Boat Race Stadium

Marugame Boat Race Stadium reopened after renovations as a brand-new facility on July 28, 2012.
The facility now includes regular seating with tables, Royal Seats (Sky Seats) offering the ultimate in comfort, a spacious and completely glass-walled food court, a cafeteria where customers can also enjoy darts, and children’s facilities such as an indoor kids’ room and outdoor playground.

The parking lot of Marugame Boat Race Stadium offers a panoramic view of the Great Seto Bridge. This bridge system connecting the prefectures of Kagawa and Okayama across a series of islands makes for truly magnificent and breathtaking scenery. At a total length of 12,300 meters (9,367 meters across the sea), the bridge series is so long that it’s hard to fit in a single shot.
From Marugame Boat Race Stadium, you can also see the symbol of Marugame City, Marugame Castle. This 400-year-old fortress is surrounded by the tallest stone walls of any castle in Japan. Rising above the main gate, the wooden keep is a magnificent sight that takes on a soft and soothing ambience as evening falls. Its uniquely beautiful form, still in harmony with nature, remains perfectly preserved even now, four centuries later. Marugame Castle has been selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Castles.